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Spring is beginning to burst forth and we look forward to the new life, and new beginnings of a new season. What's inside this month? 

1. This month I invite you to join me for an evening event with Guelph Women in Networking where we will explore disruptive listening. Not only do we want to listen differently, we want to be noticing what is happening around us so we can respond effectively. 

2. When you take part in learning are you getting the most out of the experience? Our guest blogger, Kristen Cross shares five tips to get the most out of the experience - ideas to share with your team to support their learning.

3. Return on Investment in learning has been an ongoing discussion in business for too many years.  Is it really worth the time and effort to train our people? As guest writer Alyssa Burkus shares with us, learning needs to happen by and within teams, closer to their work and in an iterative process.  Gain some insights on how to do this.

As always, we enjoy the feedback and thoughts  you share with us.  


EXPERT SPEAKER SERIES: Nancy Priest ~Disruptive Listening

Every time you communicate you are either adding value or taking up space. Since we prefer to only consider that we can be adding value, it must be the other person who’s taking up space. Together we will examine this perspective and look for ways to build trust and assume positive intent of the speaker by comparing the impact of our emotional and rationale brain on listening.

Get curious about your listening skills. Join me April 3rd for an engaging evening of Disruptive Listening. Check this link for tickets. Guelph Women in Networking Series.

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Get the Most From a Learning Experience

This month we have a guest blogger, Kristen Cross.  In this article Kristen shares 5 tips to help get the most out of your learning experience.  Great ideas when you are learning, and to share with your team when they are taking part in a learning initiative.

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Learning Agility in the Workplace

High Impact Learning: Uncovering Your Training ROI

In a meeting where a team member has indicated some level of dissatisfaction with their career progression, or compensation, or any number of other variables, their manager offers access to a coveted training program as a form of compensation. Is this the answer? How do we know this will make a difference?  

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