The Stevie Awards – Judges’ Comments

Cube Bot“The Leadership Road Program is a very comprehensive, full-fledged curriculum that serves as continuous development for managers and supervisors [helping] them grow and [become] stronger people managers. Looking at the roadmap it absolutely covers the whole spectrum and, it is definitely a learning journey that is needed… The topics highlighted are critical for success. The examples shared are at high quality, the topics are straight to the key focus areas needed, especially for first time managers, but even experienced ones could find it useful. It promotes continuous development that is definitely the way to go in the future. Congrats to the team, great learning curriculum!”

“Impactful and unique leadership training program which was positively received by employees. The journey is long-term (27 weeks), in-depth and persistent.”

“Overall, this seems like a tremendous program. The material covers some highly valuable topics. I like that the learning is primarily conducted through action and play for the participants.”

“Nancy Priest and her Glass of Learning team created and implemented one of the most revolutionary leadership training programs worldwide. Great achievement!”

“Not easy for a 27-week training program but the significant [outcomes and participant adoption] tells the demand is there.”

“I like how this company takes a more long term, strategic approach to training.”