Consummate Professional

Nancy is a consummate professional. She works well and relates well to all levels of an organization that she works with. I feel fortunate to have worked with her on numerous projects and know that she listened to what we wanted. She worked within our constraints and always delivered a quality, well planned experience for our participants.

She works very well with her team and in turn they all worked well with us to ensure each program delivered the quality experience we were requiring.

Nancy also has a great sense of understanding the differences of each employee in an organization. I wish that I had more opportunities to work with her.

She is fun to work with and really keeps the environment productive and fun. That way,  everyone gets the most out of her support, expertise and experience she helps to deliver.

Anyone with the opportunity to work with Nancy will be pleased with her as a person, as a professional and as team member. I would never hesitate to recommend or endorse Nancy!

– Mike Liby
Telesis Restaurant Group Inc.