Infinite Possibilities

Infinite PossibilitesCorporate Continuum

The Infinite Possibilities (IP) Corporate Continuum is based on the work of best-selling author and teacher Mike Dooley.  It is a new way of thinking for the modern workplace and is a solution that can support your existing training programs. This is done  by teaching your team through practical, interactive activities, how to be mindful of their thoughts and beliefs about success. This awareness can be used to shift thinking toward a more positive and empowered outlook on work and life.

Empowered employees are happy employees. It’s been proven that happy workers get sick less often, take less time off, and stay with companies longer. Ultimately, this happiness translates to a potential increase in revenue, as reported by Forbes and other industry publications.

“Happy Employees = Hefty Profits,” Forbes, 1/19/2014

A change in perspective makes all the difference.
Does your company’s culture need a new view?

“Thinking small is just a habit with consequences. Same for thinking big.”
– Mike Dooley

IP Corporate Continuum teaches how to cultivate thoughts focused on success. The program is engaging, fun, and provides opportunities for your employees to participate, share, and build a stronger team.


• Explore how thoughts become the things and result in the events of our lives
• Learn how to uncover limiting beliefs about work and life
• Discover how feelings act as clues to our beliefs
• Harness the power of taking action, and how even “baby steps” bring us closer to our goals
• Take practical steps to install new beliefs that benefit the individual and therefore the company
• Practice visualization used by successful business leaders, athletes, celebrities, and others to achieve their goals


• Augments programs in which you’ve already invested
• Builds a culture of compassion, trust, and team spirit
• Inspires collaboration and innovation
• Helps promote job satisfaction, which can lead to better retention of top talent
• Applicable to everyone in your organization, no matter their position, experience, or background
Infinite Possibilities Corporate Continuum: Mike Dooley with Nancy PriestLet us help your professionals believe in success!
We’ll work together to determine the best format for teaching the IP Corporate Continuum program to your organization.

Nancy is a Certified IP Trainer
Certified by Mike Dooley