Changed Culture for the Better

Glass of Learning has been a catalyst for encouraging leadership development among our front line supervisors. Unlike many “off the shelf” leadership training courses, Glass of Learning’s focus is on learning transfer through experiential hands on activities, customized case studies, group interaction and one-on-one coaching.

Glass of Learning has helped change our culture for the better. Through its training, supervisors now have the tools to set clear expectations and hold teams accountable in a professional manner. Managers have become better at coaching, working with the supervisors to align their expectations with company goals. Employees are also benefiting from increased communication and just feeling that in a very hectic world, they have a supervisor/manager that truly cares about them as an individual.

As an HR professional, nothing is more gratifying than seeing employees grow professionally and personally. Thanks to our work with Glass of Learning, we have made a positive impact in people’s lives.

– HR Business Partner
Large Manufacturing Company