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Corporate training is a multibillion dollar business, yet many organizations struggle to maintain the changes introduced in a training session.

Choosing the right approach for learning in your organization is as critical as choosing the right tool to fix your car.  A single tool to fix the car is like a single medium or approach for learning in an organization.  Research tells us that ineffective training is costing organizations $13.5 million USD per year, per 1000 employees.  Are you satisfied with how your training dollars are being spent?

At Glass of Learning we work with you to identify the required actions to take, before, during and after training to sustain meaningful behaviour change. Following our process will ensure your training dollars are positioned for success. We are a team of organizational learning specialists who work with you to realize the potential of  your organization, your people, and your goals.

We know how to make training stick so get ready to shatter the glass ceiling of your current learning process, and initiate real change.

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