Go, Go, Gamification

Effective learning programs draw on gamification techniques – the inclusion of fun “game” elements in non-game contexts – in order to increase awareness, participation and assist with learning retention. Precisely why businesses should invest in training that includes methods of this unique style in order to drive results and overcome the natural forgetting curve.

Generic, long and mundane learning programs are not effective enough to motivate participants as they often tune out of the education process. This type of training will be a waste of precious organizational resources including time, dollars and people. Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that employees are likely to disengage from their jobs if they do not receive proper training to perform to their highest potential. This can create many issues in the workplace including lack of interest, low confidence and stalled progress.

An article published by ADP, Gamification in the Workplace: How to Boost Productivity and Engagement, states that humans are prone to enjoy gaming elements such as point systems, progressively challenging levels and being ranked on scoreboards.

Glass of Learning has designed a solution based on these techniques. It is a digital badging site that engages participants, creates competitive fun and provides the organization with real lessons acquired from applying new learning.  The badging element is launched after training has been completed.

This form of gamification provides businesses with an economical way to continue motivating employees. It also fuels productivity and most importantly, helps retain learning and strategies that are relevant not only to specific roles but to the organization as a whole.

Along with the fun element of “game playing,” it is crucial for companies to reinforce training through learning transfer activities and regular coaching to keep new skills top of mind and again, to eliminate the natural forgetting curve.

Tracking engagement; flagging and updating what isn’t working; along with implementing relevant programs and content that’s easy to absorb, are other vital components in helping organizations get the most out of training.

Go get your gamification on!