Expert Speaker Series: Nancy Priest~Disruptive Listening

Nancy Priest, Organizational Learning ConsultantJoin me on April 3, 2018 for an interactive evening of learning.

Description: Disruptive Listening

97% of women say they would like more communication in their marriage, are you one of them? This lively session will have you re-examining your own listening patterns as we disrupt the topic of listening and learn to implement the Pareto Principle of 80/20 into your listening patterns.

Every time you communicate you are either adding value or taking up space. Since we prefer to only consider that we can be adding value, it must be the other person who’s taking up space. Together we will examine this perspective and look for ways to build trust and assume positive intent of the speaker by comparing the impact of our emotional and rationale brain on listening.

Get curious about your listening skills as we examine:

  • How people receive messages
  • Removing preconceived ideas to be completely open to listening
  • How our self-consciousness smothers our ability to communicate effectively
  • The link between what we listen to and our health
  • Getting others to do something different by discovering the secrets to gain buy-in
  • How we rely on contextual cues and relevant memories to process information we receive

This session will be hands on and experiential in nature, so get ready to disrupt your listening.

“The most basic of human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.” Ralph Nichols

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