8 Conversations to Have With Your Team

According to Deloitte, 82% of business leaders see strong culture as a competitive advantage and to build it requires management’s interaction and personal connection with their direct reports and through valuable conversations.

As outlined by Actionable Conversations, a platform focused on studying business learning challenges, there are eight conversations that leaders need to have with their teams in order to ensure not only efficiency but dedication and loyalty to the company. These include:

1) Goals & Priorities – Leaders should share their goals and vision for the company with their team frequently so that everyone is aligned, connected and working towards the same results.

2) Solving Problems – Encouraging brainstorming sessions and teamwork can help teams share experiences, build bonds and solve problems together.

3) Progress Updates – Check-in with your employees regularly to understand their tasks and deadlines. Also, set-up a tracking calendar that outlines all projects and deliverables – share it with the team so that everyone is on the same page about what’s happening.

4) Guidance – Let your team know that you are available for them. Create an open door policy or simply schedule weekly one-on-ones to touch base and stay involved in their daily routines.

5) Address Issues – Have open communication about things that aren’t working and how the team can solve them together. Be proactive and understanding.

6) Celebrate Wins – According to research conducted by Cornell University, praise and recognition can influence employee engagement by 41%; so, take the time to celebrate a job well done.

7) Make it Personal – Sharing personal stories with your team and showing interest in their lives outside of work builds trust, respect and understanding. It also makes employees feel valued which will impact motivation and performance.

8) Small Talk – Conversations about everyday happenings like the weather, social events and entertainment can lead to deeper conversations and build rapport.

Connect frequently with your team to build culture and relationships.  Keep in mind people often love or leave a job because of their leader. By engaging your team in the business and caring about who they are as individuals, you will develop a committed workplace.

Resource: 8 Essential Conversations Leaders Need to Have With Their Teams