Virtual Learning

Does your team work remotely? We have virtual options for learning and skill development.  Take part in interactive sessions with activities, information sharing and group or pair discussions, using a variety of on-line learning tools, followed with application leading to behavior change.

We also have options that can help leaders have better and more frequent conversations with their teams because:

  • Better conversations drive better relationships.
  • Better relationships = greater engagement.
  • And greater engagement drives business results.

Benefits and Uses for Leader led Conversations:

  • Building engagement through relationships
  • Building relationships through conversations
  • Readily available learning transfer which can build on or reinforce a theme from other company training
  • Reinforce concepts that support an organizational change or initiative, such as innovation, a new vision or strategy
  • Topics specific to the organization will be crafted into cascading discussions and habit builders that ensure behavior change throughout the organization
  • A leadership development tool for leaders or high potentials to run sessions, create conversations with their team, and conduct follow up coaching
  • Accessible curriculum for personal development plans

Contact us today to find out how to develop your teams, while working virtually.