Adapting to Change

Adapting to change is often required following any corporate learning and it requires regular practise. Just like in physical training – where muscles need practise and frequent exercise to become stronger – new tactics introduced in training programs need to be kept up regularly so that our brains can better absorb the lessons and skills, […]

Ramp-up Training for Frontline Leaders

Although obvious, it needs to be repeated: frontline leaders are representatives of an entire organization. They strongly affect whether employees are motivated, dedicated or inefficient.   Since frontline leaders have such an influence over an organization, proper training, motivation and investment in their growth is crucial for personal success and ultimately the company’s success. According […]

Connect with Your Leadership Shadow

Becoming a leader is an honour and privilege; yet, two unavoidable things typically happen when someone steps into the role. The first is a natural division created between them and the employees they are to lead. The second is strong attributes that may be overplayed once in a position of power – this can lead to a […]

This Way to Better Time-Management…

Busy schedules, full plates, pressed for time – call it what you want, we all experience it. Figuring out how to manage time effectively will help with task completion, productiveness and relieve stress, and there are tips on exactly how to do just that. Before we get to the tips though, let’s focus on prioritizing […]

What to do When Conflict Arises

Let’s get straight to the facts: – 98% of employees reported experiencing toxic behaviour at work – 80% lost work time worrying about incidents – 78% said their commitment to the organization declined – 66% said their performance declined – 48% intentionally decreased their work effort Conducted by Georgetown University, this survey shows that toxic […]