What’s Trending in L&D for 2020?

We’re in a new decade. With this comes the inclination to assess the past, plan for the future, and analyze trends that could potentially apply to your business strategy. Training Journal and Training Industry recently published articles that delve into the role of learning and development in 2020 – here’s a look at some of […]

Breaking: Employee Training Top of Mind for Businesses

“Rather than going out and competing with five other companies for [certain] skill set[s], why not develop [them] in-house?” That’s the question a recent CBC article ends with after delving into an interesting report released by research company Kantar. The study reveals that close to 50% of companies are planning to invest more in skill […]

Why Leadership and Agility Matter in Culture Change

“The pace of change is not going to let up.” – Sara Saddington, Managing Editor, Actionable Conversations It’s hard to believe that change, implemented with outdated training, was a standard practice used by many businesses as Sara Saddington, Actionable’ s Managing Editor points out in her blog post Increase Agility by Creating a Learning Culture. […]