Follow the Leadership Road™

Leadership development is a journey, not a destination.  The influence a leader has on individual and team performance, can have profound impact on the organizational culture and outcomes.

Travel on the Leadership Road™ with Glass of Learning, build on the leadership skills while experiencing micro learning, one conversation at a time.

Micro learning consists of small units of learning, with short, experiential activities, practical application, delivered over a period of time. This type of learning, enables participants to absorb, apply and practice the pieces while gaining a business edge in the shortest amount of time. The workshops can be leader led, encouraging dialogue and conversations amongst intact teams.

Learning units can include pre-work, self-assessment, class room modules, experiential activities, follow up and practical application of the learning, back on-the-job. This can be customized to suit your leadership levels and needs.

Context and relevance are critical components of any leadership development. We take the time to learn about your organization, your issues, and your strengths. This ensures that we build on the corporate successes, support the strengths, and redirect behaviors where necessary. Changed behavior leads to changed results. Let us work with you to create the right learning solution for your Leadership Road™.

Supervisor Leadership Program Outline

Manager Leadership Program Outline