What we do

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At Glass of Learning, we learn about your business objectives and then design and deliver creative learning solutions that improve the  performance of your employees. Our objective is to make you look good in the process. We begin with our principles of learning, and customize the learning and application to suit your business needs

Learning Solutions

Learning solutions are a combination of alternative learning approaches that occur over time. This process reinforces the learning, while engaging both the learner and the leader, to transfer new behaviors in the work place. Changing results requires first, a change in behavior.

Custom Solutions

We design solutions to fit your organizational learning needs. This can be customized case studies and relevant application, or completely designed around your company knowledge and procedures.

How Adults Learn

Our learning solutions are designed to engage the senses through color, visual and active participation.  With the use of color we learn faster and remember easier simply because visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text.

Learning Solutions - Experiential PropOur Promise

We are known for strategic and memorable learning solutions, and we deliver on our promise to you. We will take the time to learn about your business and your culture. As an experienced team, we know how to do this in an efficient and effective manner.

Samples of Learning Content

We will change your business results by developing the skills of your people.  These skills could include:

  • culture transformation
  • sales techniques
  • management principles
  • leadership development
  • communication protocols
  • facilitation and presentation techniques
  • customer centric workforce
  • team development
  • innovation practices
  • conferences to create awareness, conviction or behaviour change

Skill development results in behaviour change, and we are specialists in changing behaviour. Learning can be self-study, virtual, blended or classroom based.

Leadership Road™

Everyone within the organization has a leadership role – to lead yourself, lead others, or lead the organization, with your talents and expertise. Develop leaders and teams through structured application of the learning, which results in behaviour change. Learn more…

Infinite Possibilities

A new way of thinking for the modern workplace, Infinite Possibilities (IP) Corporate Continuum is based on the work of best-selling author and teacher Mike Dooley and is a solution that can support your existing training programs. Learn more…

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