5 Tips on How To Get the Most From a Learning Experience

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been inspired by a conference, learning event, book, podcast or even a conversation with a peer. Now raise your hand if you’ve returned to the chaos and demands of work following that brief time away and promptly left behind most of those insights and good intentions. My hand is […]

Creating a Return on Expectations for Learning Initiatives

A key first step in any learning initiative is to identify the return on expectations. Begin with the end in mind by determining specifically what you want employees to be doing or saying after completing the training. To make Learning & Development efforts stick, a clear learning transfer plan needs to be in place to […]

Evolving L&D – Selling The Future Of Work

Organizations are seeing significant change impacting every element of their business. Driven by the exponential development of new technologies, an increasingly connected and globalized business landscape, and the rejection of outdated or ineffective hierarchical organizational structures, the future of work has clearly arrived. Read more (PDF)…