5 Ways to Improve Communication

The most popular characteristics used to define a great leader tend to be someone with strong business acumen, company loyalty and a dedicated grind. However, without effectively communicating goals, expectations, direction and processes, all these characteristics quickly lose their merit and a leader’s ability is questioned. Being an exceptional communicator is perhaps one of the […]

Mindfulness in Business

From a health perspective, mindfulness is all the rage. The practise can help people adapt to change; maintain calmness in difficult situations; and decrease anxiety. Used in business, this restorative technique can leave lasting effects on employees and the organization. Why? Because mindfulness encourages a focus on what’s happening in the moment rather than reacting and being […]

Go, Go, Gamification

Effective learning programs draw on gamification techniques – the inclusion of fun “game” elements in non-game contexts – in order to increase awareness, participation and assist with learning retention. Precisely why businesses should invest in training that includes methods of this unique style in order to drive results and overcome the natural forgetting curve. Generic, […]

Forget Me Not: Defeating the Forgetting Curve

Too often, businesses spend heaps of money and resources on corporate training programs only for the learning to end up forgotten by employees. This is never the goal and it happens for one main reason: the forgetting curve. The forgetting curve is a natural occurrence that was hypothesized by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus in the […]