Breaking: Employee Training Top of Mind for Businesses

“Rather than going out and competing with five other companies for [certain] skill set[s], why not develop [them] in-house?” That’s the question a recent CBC article ends with after delving into an interesting report released by research company Kantar. The study reveals that close to 50% of companies are planning to invest more in skill […]

8 Conversations to Have With Your Team

According to Deloitte, 82% of business leaders see strong culture as a competitive advantage and to build it requires management’s interaction and personal connection with their direct reports and through valuable conversations. As outlined by Actionable Conversations, a platform focused on studying business learning challenges, there are eight conversations that leaders need to have with […]

Why Leadership and Agility Matter in Culture Change

“The pace of change is not going to let up.” – Sara Saddington, Managing Editor, Actionable Conversations It’s hard to believe that change, implemented with outdated training, was a standard practice used by many businesses as Sara Saddington, Actionable’ s Managing Editor points out in her blog post Increase Agility by Creating a Learning Culture. […]

3 Tips for Successful Measurement

It starts from the outset. Effectively evaluating the impact of corporate learning begins during the needs assessment. First, identify the organization’s objectives and stakeholder expectations: what matters most to them and what behaviour change do they want to see from this training initiative? Then add the secret sauce – new habits of behaviour aligned with […]