3 Tips for Successful Measurement

It starts from the outset. Effectively evaluating the impact of corporate learning begins during the needs assessment. First, identify the organization’s objectives and stakeholder expectations: what matters most to them and what behaviour change do they want to see from this training initiative? Then add the secret sauce – new habits of behaviour aligned with […]

The Value of the ‘Value-Add’

Companies often talk about the importance of ensuring a positive customer experience – many believe this is the key to business success. Without loyalty, credibility and client acquisition, organizations quickly buckle at the knees. Though it’s easy to talk about the importance of a positive customer experience, how can organizations actually deliver this? Well, it’s […]

Learn, Apply, Reinforce

“Reinforcement is a series of well-balanced push and pull communication moments strategically designed, delivered and timed to drive business impact and lasting behavior change.” – Mindmaker, training reinforcement organization Reinforcement encourages the establishment of a good repetitive pattern. And following training, as we’ve learned, repetitiveness and the review of new skills help us combat that […]

CASE STUDY: Customized Training to Drive Culture Change

A large North American manufacturer partnered with Glass of Learning to take part in training that would develop and improve their leadership approach. The training targeted frontline supervisors and included a support program for managers. The company has 14 factories in the US and Canada. The initial roll-out began in the US and because of […]

Changed Culture for the Better

Glass of Learning has been a catalyst for encouraging leadership development among our front line supervisors. Unlike many “off the shelf” leadership training courses, Glass of Learning’s focus is on learning transfer through experiential hands on activities, customized case studies, group interaction and one-on-one coaching. Glass of Learning has helped change our culture for the […]