A year ago, we customized our Leadership Road program for a large manufacturing company and created an online portal to encourage learning transfer and to successfully measure training.

The tool draws on gaming elements and prompts participants to practice the skills they've learned, and share the ways they have applied learning on the job. It includes a points system for each completed task, a scoreboard of top ranked users and the opportunity to share success stories with peers. Participants are also encouraged to speak to their managers about new learning and write about the experience online.

To date, the website has received more than 5,000 submissions! It has fueled productivity inside factories, strengthened team work and most importantly, helped employees retain learning and strategies that their company so ambitiously invested in.

Definitely an achievement worth recognizing and celebrating!


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Summer Days With
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How important it is to set aside time to bond with your team, family and friends, and enjoy good food and warm weather.

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