"The rear-view mirror is such a narrow window - it only shows the road that you have traveled. When you look into that little mirror, I hope you will remember us and all of our employees fondly, and when you write your memoir, we will be a small humor-filled chapter.

The windshield is large and open - it represents the future and the roads you will travel. I wish you the very best on your new journey and pray your travels are safe. Just remember: when you are tired and out of gas, look in the rear-view and the past - I will be there pushing you...ever forward."

This note was written to an employee who immigrated to Canada and could not find work in his field.

Our client hired the young man, helped him learn English and in turn, helped him secure another job in his field. When the employee left, his manager wrote him this letter. #ThursdayMotivation


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The name Glass of Learning was inspired by age old perceptions linked to analogies of 'glass.' These include a glass ceiling; the glass ½ full and the looking glass.

Since these limitations can stifle thinking and abilities, our principle is to help organizations shatter these perceptions by maximizing employee potential
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