Change is a good thing.

At Glass of Learning, we've kicked off 2019 with many exciting changes. We've added several new and talented individuals to our growing team; updated our LinkedIn page to highlight more relevant content; and refreshed our newsletter to easily display valuable articles and blogs, and act as a quick reference guide on industry trends.

If there are certain topics or ideas you would like to see in our newsletter or our social media platforms, please let us know! You may do so by email, or by following us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. We encourage and look forward to feedback.

More interesting developments are coming our way and we can't wait to share them with you - it's going to be a wonderful journey.


8 Ways to Step-up Your LinkedIn Game

LinkedIn is an essential tool for learning, staying informed and building strategic connections. Check out our tips for best LinkedIn practices...Read more


The Value Add

We were recently featured in Training Journal discussing the value of the 'value-add.'

Though it’s easy to talk about the importance of a positive customer experience, how can organizations actually deliver this?

Read more to find out...


Customized Training to Drive Culture Change

The following case study highlights our work with a large North American manufacturer.

The goal was to develop and improve their leadership
approach, and design training that would specifically target frontline supervisors with a support program for managers.

Read more to find out about the success of the customized training.

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