The summer is a great time to recharge.

The sunshine brightens moods. The days last longer. The warmth allows for more opportunities to be outside, enjoying nature and spending long-desired time with family and friends. These ideals encourage a focus on the present moment - also known as mindfulness.

Consciously paying attention to daily routines; listening carefully;
 tuning into thoughts, feelings and surroundings; and meditating in short bursts are some ways to practise being mindful. 

Used in business, this restorative technique can leave lasting effects on employees and the organization. Mindfulness prompts better engagement with peers and more effective completion of tasks. It also helps with skillful decision-making; alertness; and reduces stress. Plus, it boosts productivity and teamwork - all of this just for being more aware.

Mindfulness – what a power tool!


Forget Me Not

Too often, businesses heavily invest in learning programs only for the training to end up forgotten by employees.

This is never the goal but, it happens for one main reason... Read more


Meeting Expectations

“When I came back from training, I sat down one-on-one with my employees and gave my expectations... and we talked about how they could meet them... before I just expected [results]. I’m now following up which saves me time and I see a difference in attitudes." - Supervisor, CertainTeed Gypsum. Read more.


Go, Go, Gamification

Effective learning programs draw on gamification - the inclusion of fun "game" elements - in order to increase awareness, participation and assist with retention.

Read our blog for details about the methods and benefits of this unique training style. Read more.


Fill your glass today.