Holiday Greetings reader

Wishing our friends and colleagues a very happy holiday as you prepare for this wonderful season.

I wanted to share with you a message of joy that I recently experienced.  My father is 93, and he walks with  a cane or a walker, my mother is 90 and she has advanced Alzheimer's. During a recent Christmas party at their retirement residence, my two great nieces, aged 2 and 5, demonstrated the beauty of youth. These two little girls have no concept of bias with handicaps or mental challenges. The girls do not see physical or emotional barriers and cannot imagine that their great-grandparents can't do all the same things they can do.  I watched with delight,  as they reached for  great grandpa's hand and urged him to hurry along to the festive dinner, not even noticing that great grandpa really can't run,  and eagerly embracing great grandma who has no idea who they are, and is known to have outbursts of unusual sounds. Yet these little girls demonstrate only love.  

These small acts, by my nieces, reminded me how much we can learn from the little people around us...acceptance, joy, and  happiness at the small wonders of life.   I wish you a  joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year as you too look for the beauty that surround you.

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