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Creating a Culture of Innovation

Globalization and outsourcing have created an unprecedented need for organizations to innovate. Although every organization has their own priorities and specific sector and commercial issues, businesses that fail to innovate run the risk of losing ground to the competition. Innovation can help you find new or different ways to do things and be the key differentiator in your marketplace.

Objectives of this package
Individuals will:

  • Recognizing their role in innovation
  • Utilize design thinking to streamline current processes and innovate new ideas
  • Create a sense of pride and purpose in collective objectives
  • Craft a specific and focused public persona
  • Understand how to trim the fat and move past sacred cows within the organization

What’s included?

  • A facilitated kick-off session
  • 6 – one-hour learning sessions for you and your team (up to 10 participants)
  • Comprehensive Leader Notes for you to lead the sessions
    6 coaching calls
  • Train-the-trainer video guides on maximizing each session’s impact
  • 2-page pre-read article for your team
  • On-line “Accountability Loop” tools to ensure implementation and behaviour change

This equals a total of 63 hours of training and coaching for up to 10 people

What you can expect?
  • An initial consultation call to understand the unique challenges of your business
  • A professionally facilitated kick-off session to re-ignite your team
  • Leader-led sessions with comprehensive learning methodology to ensure success
  • Coaching for your leaders, between sessions, to answer questions, address concerns and build on their learning